3 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Software Company’s Revenue in 2020

3 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Software Company's Revenue in 2020-Banner

3 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Software Company’s Revenue in 2020

Companies around the country spent Q1 of 2020 developing marketing strategies and planning new campaigns. Then, COVID-19 hit and left marketers scrambling to change direction, cut through the noise, and remain relevant. On the back end of this pandemic and beyond, your marketing strategies need to evolve. Now more than ever, flexible and forward-thinking outreach campaigns are a necessity. Here are some insights to inform your software company’s marketing efforts through 2020.  


1. Shift to digital marketing 

For many years now, our world has been undergoing a change—everything’s becoming digital. Until COVID-19, this change was gradual, but now—with the need for social distancing—organizations that didn’t incorporate digital marketing in their strategies are being left behind. Here are some numbers to consider:  

25x more devices are connected today than in 2007.
100x more people connect to Facebook each day than in 2007.
500x more digital data is created worldwide each day than in 2007. 

Traditional ways of reaching out to your customers are changing, so it’s time to reassess your marketing strategies to ensure you’re appealing to the post-COVID-19 customer. Some tried and true strategies may not return for a while. With cost reduction efforts ramping up across all industries, many marketers find themselves with reduced resources. So, for now, invest your time and money in future-proof digital venues


2. Think small with agile marketing campaigns 

When the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning, it became painfully clear that many organizations were not ready to move with the speed necessary to navigate marketing in a crisis. Some took weeks to change their messaging, and others went radio silent. According to a survey from Advertiser Perceptions, nearly half of advertisers reported either stopping or delaying a campaign launch due to COVID-19. 

Generally, marketers are making long-term plans, but slashed budgets and middling consumer confidence mean software providers should rethink that strategy. Right now, the economy is still a volatile thing, so using your time and resources to design long-ranging marketing campaigns is ill-advised. Instead, your marketing efforts need to be agile and timely. In times of uncertainty, the ability to respond quickly is critical. In some industries, this has always been a requirement. Travel companies must adapt to natural disasters. IT providers must adapt to new cybersecurity threats. Now, no industry should be marketing on autopilot.  

Focus on small, flexible, high-frequency, and easy-to-implement campaigns. Without massive investments in large, long-term campaigns, your marketing team is empowered to respond to developing situations quickly.   


3. Downturns create opportunities—take advantage of them!  

Enterprising companies are looking at this situation as an opportunity to grow their customer base, strengthen relationships with existing clients, and enhance their reputation. Here are just few marketing opportunities you can take advantage of. 

Improve the experience of web visitors 

One low-cost way to improve your digital presence is to use this time to tune-up your website. Audit the copy on all your web pages, test your contact forms, and streamline navigation to make it as easy as possible for users to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

Focus on email marketing 

Email marketing is a low-cost approach that can deliver substantial results. Stay in touch with current customers and offer solutions and guidance to help them through what is undoubtedly a difficult economic time for many of your clients. Right now, a lot of industries—namely travel and entertainment—need to be careful that their marketing efforts don’t come off as tone-deaf. On the other hand, the B2B and e-commerce sectors have been busier than everAs a software provider, you offer products and solutions to help these companies streamline their operations, so don’t be afraid to stay in touch.  


Final thoughts 

Marketing during and after the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge that requires laser focus. But businesses and individuals alike are looking for financial guidance and solutions, so now is the time for your software company to get in front of those prospects.  

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