BASYS Processing to Release Merchant Services Bank Education Videos

BASYS Merchant Service Bank Education Series - Brady Hanna

BASYS Processing to Release Merchant Services Bank Education Videos

Bank executives can expect the 5-part video series to outline a comprehensive plan for maximizing the revenue potential of their Merchant Services Program


Blog - BASYS Processing to Release Merchant Services Bank Education Videos. Knowledge = Revenue.

LENEXA, KANSAS November 4, 2016 — With the end of year approaching, amidst the focus on 2017 budgets and planning, BASYS Processing announced today its plan to release a 5-part video series to offer bank executives a comprehensive plan to grow their merchant services program. The Merchant Services Bank Education Series will break down the components of an extremely successful program, providing the knowledge necessary to maximize the revenue potential of a bank’s merchant services portfolio.

“In our years of meeting with banks across the country, we have found that most are not given the proper attention and training essential for a successful merchant services program.  Although every bank does merchant services a little differently, we have developed a comprehensive program to significantly increase merchant services revenue,” said Brady Hanna, EVP of Financial Services at BASYS.

The Merchant Services Bank Education Series release dates are:

Wed, 11/096 Steps to Maximize Your Bank’s Merchant Services Revenue – Non-interest income is more important than ever. These are the most important 6 steps you can take to elevate your merchant services program to the next level. Banks who implement all 6 steps grow at a tremendous rate.

Tue, 11/225 Steps to Identify Your Merchant Services Potential – Do you wonder what the size of your portfolio should be based on the size of your bank? How many merchants? How much monthly revenue? Every market is different. These steps will help you analyze your bank’s true potential.

Wed, 12/07Tapping Into Merchant Services With Analytics – What data should you be tracking in your merchant services portfolio? We will discuss 6 key metrics that help you effectively monitor and manage your program.

Wed, 12/21What Are Reasonable Goals To Set For A 1st Year Merchant Services Program? – Setting revenue expectations for the 1st year of a merchant services program can be very difficult. We will guide you through questions to ask yourself, and follow-up steps to create customized goals for your bank.

Wed, 01/04What Merchant Services Program Is Best For My Bank? – The decision between a Referral program, and an Agent program, is key to growing your merchant services portfolio. Maybe your bank needs a Sales (Hybrid) program. We will explain the different programs, and offer advice on determining which program is the best fit for your bank.

The Merchant Services Bank Education Series videos will be available to view online, as they are released at:

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