Clover Mini Clocks in at Less Than 3 Seconds for EMV Transactions

Clover Mini Clocks in at Less Than 3 Seconds for EMV Transactions

Clover Mini Clocks in at Less Than 3 Seconds for EMV Transactions

While others are busy chipping away at EMV transaction times, Clover has already set the pace with speeds less than 3 seconds for EMV transactions

Let’s face it. EMV hasn’t been easy.

October 2016 marked the one-year anniversary of EMV in the United States, and yet you still find yourself doing the ‘do I dip or do I swipe’ dance with your customers, followed by a wait that can seem like forever while the transaction completes.  With the rush of the holiday season right around the corner, what at first was a minor inconvenience may transform into even longer lines for your customers as they tackle their holiday shopping.

Clover gets it. That’s why Clover offerd POS devices that help you manage your business and save precious seconds when checking out your customers. An EMV transaction on Clover Mini comes in at less than 3 seconds for EMV transactions.  That is from the initial dip of the EMV card, to the onscreen message instructing the customer to remove the card.  Specifically, Clover Mini clocks in at 2.93 seconds, which can vary based on Internet speeds.

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