Offer Curbside Pickup to Your Customers

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Offer Curbside Pickup to Your Customers

You can now offer Curbside Pickup to your customers as an option in Clover® through Clover Online Ordering!

During checkout, your customers are asked for contact and vehicle information. When they arrive to pick up their order, you know exactly where to take it.

This convenient feature allows you to:

–  Deliver orders at the “curbside” when the order is ready

–  Offer a safe way for employees and guests to pick up and handle orders

–  Provide customers the option to ditch the hassle of in-store pickup

To set up curbside pickup:

–  Log in to the Web Dashboard

–  Select Setup

–  Under Business Operations, select Online Ordering

–  Select More Options next to the online ordering service

–  Turn on the toggle next to Curbside pickup underneath fulfillment methods

–  Optional: Add an order note that your customers can see when they place an order. For example: “Give us a call when you arrive to tell us your car color and make.”

When customers place an online order, you can give them the option to pick it up outside of your restaurant. Curbside pickup decreases the number of customers who enter your restaurant and helps to enforce health standards and social distancing.

You can enable or disable curbside pickup capabilities as needed by clicking the toggle.

Curbside pickup orders will show with the order type “Curbside Pickup.” This order type shows on the order receipt and lets staff know how to package the order. You can view how many orders were placed as curbside pickups in the order types report. 

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