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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is likely affecting how you do business and we don’t know how long this will continue. But, now is not the time to panic. Rather, this is a time to prepare next steps to ensure the livelihood of your business. Please know that BASYS is available to meet your needs and is dedicated to being your business partner during this difficult period. To equip you with the information you need to protect yourself, your customers, and your bottom line, we’ve compiled a list of business resources to help keep your business operational and profitable as we weather COVID-19 together.


We hope you will utilize these resources to minimize the threat COVID-19 poses to your business. We will continue to expand the resources on this page with pertinent updates, tips and ideas. If you have any questions, or you need anything from BASYS, please contact us. We can help.

4 Steps to Protect Your Business from COVID-19-Social

Take These 4 Steps Now to Protect Your Business From COVID-19

Scammers are Taking Advantage of COVID-19-Social

Scammers Are Taking Advantage of COVID-19—Here’s What to Watch Out For

COVID-19 Impacting Your B2B Operations, Moving Your Receivables Online -Social

COVID-19 Impacting Your B2B Operations? Here’s How to Move Your Receivables Online

Best Practices for Taking Payment Over the Phone-Social

3 Best Practices for Accepting Payments Over the Phone

Outsmart COVID-19 By Turning Your Service Business Into a Digital One-Social

Outsmart COVID-19:
Transition Your Retail Service Business to Online

E-Commerce COVID-19 Business Resources

Protecting Your Business from Card Not Present Fraud

Chargeback Prevention For Card Not Present Payment Acceptance

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