Clover Software

Clover® Software

Three Tiers of Clover® Software plans to choose from:

Payments Plus

Smart, cloud-based payments, employee and customer management, in one device

Register Lite

All Payments Plus features, plus simple inventory and order management in one device; cash register replacement


All Payments Plus and Register Lite features, plus full-featured POS with enhanced inventory and order management

Clover Software

Save time and run your business better with Clover’s POS Software.

Three tiers of Clover Software plans available for merchants to choose the features that best meet their needs. Clover software plans allow merchants to accept payments, gain greater visibility into sales activity and improve control over operations.


Payments Plus

Track your sales anytime, anywhere on your computer or mobile device.


Register Lite

Run your business with a simple, integrated POS. Streamlines payments, inventory and employee and customer management.



Full-featured POS with enhanced inventory and order management, plus the right apps to customize the experience for the merchants business.

Plans & Features

Payments Plus $4.95/device

Real-time monitoring of credit and cash sales not matter where you are.


• Remote sales monitoring

• On-screen signature capture & tips

• Set employee permissions

• Limit Access to Clover App Market

• Works with Clover Go, Flex and Mini


Register Lite $9.95/device

Cash register replacement with simple inventory and order management.


• Includes all features in ‘Payments Plus’

• Basic inventory management (e.g., item-level tracking)

• Basic order management (e.g., create, save, refunds)

• Personalized setup and training

• Expanded access to Clover App Market

• Works with Clover Go, Flex and Mini


Register $39.95 – 1st device & $9.95 per additional device*

Run and grow your business with a full-featured POS.


For All Business Types

• Includes all features in ‘Register Lite’

• Support for larger 14″ touch screen

• Advanced inventory management (e.g., item-level variants and costs)

• Advanced order management (e.g., types, exchanges, combine)

• Full access to Clover App Market


Countertop Service Restaraunt $39.95 – 1st device & $9.95 per additional device*

Table Service Restaraunt $69.95 – 1st device & $9.95 per additional device*

A restaraunt service POS system designed for you.


For Quick & Full-Service Restaurants

• Menu modifiers

• Table management

• Service charges

• Kitchen order printing & display

• Weight scale integration

• Works with Clover Go, Flex, Mini and Station


*Pricing excludes Clover Station (Classic Register SaaS Bundle)

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