FD200Ti Terminal

Built-in check reader and imager that processes through TeleCheck®

Easy setup - ready to process transactions in minutes

Intuitive 128 X 64 LCD touch-screen

Process using Ethernet, Dial-up or Wi-Fi

Enable your customers to use any form of payment while protecting your business from the risks and inefficiencies associated with paper checks.

Despite the ongoing move to electronic forms of payment, consumers still pay for in-store purchases with a paper check at least once a week – and that’s business no one wants to turn away, especially grocers and other merchants whose customers expect to have their checks accepted.


Unfortunately, there is risk involved with accepting checks, along with expenses associated with handling, depositing and processing them. Additionally, check imagers take up valuable counter space that can better be used for displaying products and serving customers.


The First Data FD200Ti features a built-in check reader and imager that processes checks through the TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance® (ECA) service, which verifies the customer’s checking history and, as an option, offers a warranty service. In addition to substantially lowering the merchant’s risk, customers’ personal information is protected, too, because the checks are returned to them after scanning. For the busy merchant, this also eliminates the need for time-consuming trips to the bank to deposit paper checks.


The FD200Ti saves on valuable counter space, because a combination inkjet/thermal printer is also built into the unit for an all-in-one design. The inkjet printer is dedicated to voiding checks, helping to speed transactions and conserve ink. The easy-to-load thermal printer generates receipts that include only the last four card numbers, a safeguard that helps thwart fraud.

Here’s How It Works

While the check reader/imager processes paper checks, the device’s magnetic strip reader accepts all major credit and debit cards. Connectivity is via Internet protocol, dial-up or (optionally) Wi-Fi. As an option, the FD200Ti also offers Dynamic Currency conversion (DCC) service, which makes it possible for international customers to pay in their credit card currency.


Industries Served

• Retailers
• Restaurants
• Automotive
• Mail Order/Telephone Order
• Grocery Stores
• Convenience Stores

Help Your Business

• Serve customers and retain business by accepting paper checks, along with credit, debit, EBT and gift cards
• Minimize risk with the TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA) service
• Eliminate time-consuming trips to the bank
• Conserve counter space with an all-in-one terminal, check reader/scanner and printer
• Speed through transactions


• IP and dial-up connectivity, with Wi-Fi as an option
• Intuitive 128 X 64 LCD touch-screen
• True 32-bit processing (ARM 9 CPU core)
• Integrated check reader/imager
• 64 MB RAM standard memory
• Drop-in paper loading for integrated thermal receipt printer
• Inkjet single-line defacement printer dedicated to voiding checks
• Five USB and two serial ports
• Supports contactless payment technology via attached peripheral
•  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption


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