[INFOGRAPHIC] 4 Common Misconceptions About ISOs

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 4 Common Misconceptions About ISOs

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You may have heard that ISOs are more expensive. Or maybe you’re unsure what ISOs even do. Take a look at this infographic to learn about some common misconceptions about ISOs and how working with one can help your bank. For a more in-depth look at this topic, click here to read the full blog post.

Misconception #1: Going directly to a large processor will get you cheaper rates. Because they have less overhead and typically partner with multiple processors, ISOs can be much more flexible with their pricing.

Misconception #2: There’s no difference between ISOs and resellers. ISOs are held to a higher standard than resellers. They must be registered with the card associations, pay an annual fee to maintain their status, and be compliant with all card brand regulations.

Misconception #3: ISOs can’t provide the same products and services that large processors can. Partnering with a large processor restricts you to only offering their products and services. ISOs can work with a variety of providers to find solutions that will best fit your customers’ needs.

Misconception #4: ISO’s can’t provide the same level of support that large processors can. Have you ever called a giant corporation? They’re not known for amazing customer service. Small to mid-size ISOs usually have dedicated support lines, answered by real people with extensive industry knowledge.

Don’t let misconceptions stop your bank from choosing the right partner! An ISO can provide the best of both worlds—the resources and direct pricing of a large processor, and the customer service and customization of a small one.

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