[INFOGRAPHIC] Can You Spot a Phishing Email?

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Can You Spot a Phishing Email?

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Infographic-Can You Spot a Phishing Email

It’s an unfortunate reality that phishing has become commonplace. Most of us know to look out for phishing attacks in our personal lives AND at work. But the problem is even more pervasive than many realize. In 2017, the average user received 16 phishing emails every month. Are you confident that you can identify a phishing email? Take a look at this infographic for 3 red flags to watch out for.

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1. There are typos or grammatical errors. Legitimate companies typically take great pains to write, edit, and proofread marketing materials and scripted correspondence. A poorly written email is a sign that the correspondence is not from a legitimate company.

2. You are asked to take action. In order to be successful, phishing emails require the recipient to take a specified action. Usually, they request that you click on a link, or open an attachment. Scammers have a number of shady techniques they use to lure unsuspecting recipients into revealing their personal information.

At first glance, an email might look like it’s from someone you know. It might appear as if it was sent to you from your bank, or a coworker, or even your boss. If the email is from an unfamiliar address, phishing scams often use scare tactics to convince you to ignore your better judgment. When in doubt, contact the organization or sender directly.

3. The link or domain looks unusual.If you receive a suspicious email, first look at the domain. Legitimate organizations have specific domain names that you can usually find on their websites. For example, if you click on our Contact Us page and look under “General Information,” you’ll see that our general contact email is info@basyspro.com. If you received an email from john@mail.basyspro.work, claiming to be an associate of BASYS Processing, you’d know to be suspicious, because the domain name does not match up. Unless you’re 100% sure the email is legitimate, don’t click on anything.

If your current credit processor doesn’t help defend your business from potential cybersecurity threats (whether they’re related to card processing or not!), maybe it’s time for a change. At BASYS, we make accepting credit cards, convenient, affordable, and SAFE.

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