[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Engage Branch Staff in Merchant Services

Infographic - How to Engage Branch Staff in Merchant Services - Banner

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Engage Branch Staff in Merchant Services

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Infographic-How to Engage Branch Staff in Merchant Services

What makes a successful merchant services program? While offering competitive rates and top-notch customer service is important, those things won’t make a difference if your staff isn’t even mentioning merchant services. Without the support and enthusiasm of your staff, your program will suffer. Today, we’re here to help you understand how to engage branch staff with merchant services!

Take a look at this infographic for tips to keep your team engaged with and excited about merchant services. For a more in-depth look at this topic, click here to read the full blog post.

1. Set goals. If you want your staff to sell, sell, sell, goals will motivate them to do so. However, if your staff gets the impression that set goals aren’t being followed up on, it can be incredibly demoralizing. Make sure you’re tracking performance and offering recognition.

2. Empower sales staff.No one wants to sell products that they haven’t been fully educated on. If your staff isn’t confident talking about merchant services, they just won’t bring it up. But with the growing popularity of online banking, it’s important that your staff takes every opportunity to cross-sell because it might be the only chance they have to speak face-to-face with a prospect. To fully engage branch staff in merchant services, help them stay up-to-date on product and service offerings.

3. Implement an incentive campaign. Encourage your people to go above and beyond with an incentive campaign. These campaigns can include referral bonuses, sold product goals, raffle campaigns, and more. And incentive campaigns aren’t just for your employees. You can also incentivize existing clients to send referrals your way.

4. Provide ongoing training. It’s tough to sell a product you’re not comfortable with, and payment card technology is constantly changing. Does your branch staff have access to tools that will help them stay up to date on current trends and industry changes? A portal that’s regularly updated with new resources and information, like our own BASYS University, can be invaluable to your team.

Is your merchant services provider meeting your expectations in terms of growth and service? If the answer is no, why not give us a call? BASYS can help engage your branch staff in merchant services and grow your revenue! Most of our bank partners MORE THAN DOUBLE merchant services revenue within their first three years with us, and we provide comprehensive and ongoing training for you and your branch staff.

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