[INFOGRAPHIC] PCI Compliance: How Security Standards Impact Software Vendors

[INFOGRAPHIC] PCI Compliance: How Security Standards Impact Software Vendors

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For software vendors, the first step in the PCI Compliance journey is determining what level of compliance your solution needs to meet. Software vendors that offer payment processing will be subject to one of the following:

1. PCI DSS Compliance. These standards apply to any merchant that accepts debit and/or credit payments, and are designed to facilitate a processing environment where transactions are processed, transmitted, and stored securely.

2. PA DSS Compliance. PA DSS stands for Payment Appliation Data Security Standard. These standards apply to software vendors and other entities that develop payment applications, and verify that said applications are not storing prohibited data.

The extra legwork required to be truly compliant with these standards can be daunting, but if your software product doesn’t allow for integrated card acceptance, you’re missing out on revenue! So, what’s the solution? Integrated payments.

With the right processing partner, customers of your software company can accept payments through a payment gateway. This gateway is accessible within your software, but card data is processed, transmitted, and stored by your payment processing provider. That allows your processor to handle some or all of your payment processing requirements, reducing the scope of compliance for your product. This is accomplished with 2 things: Point-to-point encryption (P2Pe) and tokenization. For a more in-depth look at how integrated payments can reduce the burden of PCI Compliance for you and your merchants, click here to read the full blog post.

BASYS Processing takes the security of our partners and their merchants seriously.  We provide a PA DSS certified payment gateway, P2Pe, tokenization, breach protection, and more. If you’re looking to make payment acceptance convenient, safe, and affordable for your customers, contact us today!

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