[INFOGRAPHIC] Pop-Up Shops: Should Your Online Business Consider One?

[INFOGRAPHIC] Pop-Up Shops: Should Your Online Business Consider One?

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Pop-Up Shops Should Your Online Business Consider One-Infographic

For e-commerce businesses looking to grow, pop-up shops offer a unique opportunity by allowing you to test out a physical storefront without the need to invest substantial time and money. That’s why e-commerce giants like IKEA, Blue Apron, and Spotify, are capitalizing on the appeal of pop-up shops. Should your business consider doing the same?

In a recent JLL survey, 40% of U.S. consumers stated that they’d be more likely to buy from an online brand with a convenient retail location. And 74% of Americans prioritize experiences over products. These conditions favor a pop-up economy, where interactive, personalized experiences are combined with the convenience offered by online D2C retail brands. Take a look at this infographic for an overview of why pop-up shops are becoming so widespread, and tips to implement a pop–up strategy for your own business. For a more in-depth look at this topic, read the corresponding blog post here.

In summary, a pop-up event allows your e-commerce business to:

1. Test out a brick-and-mortar location. Pop-up shops are approcimately 80% less expensive than traditional retail locations. This allows you to determine whether a physical location is the right fit without an enormous invesment.

2. Build brand awareness. A physical storefront makes your brand more accessible, and gives you the chance to interact one-on-one with customers. For online businesses looking to build a loyal base of customers, this is invaluable.

3. Capitalize on the allure of exclusivity. Pop-up shops are temporary, and most people have a natural fear of “missing out.”

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