iQ Pro Custom Reporting

iQ Pro Custom Reporting

How to Create a Custom Report for Viewing or Downloading

How to create a Custom Report (Custom Output):

  • 1. Select Manage > Settings > Custom Output
  • 2. Select Create New
  • 3. Select Type:
    • a. Transaction – this is what will download as a CSV file
    • b. Transaction Table – this is what will show on the Transactions page in iQ Pro
  • 4. Then click Create
  • 5. Add a Name for the report

Here is an example of a custom transaction table output titled, “Custom Transaction Report”

Here is an example of a custom transaction output titled, “Custom Transaction CSV”

  • 6. Drag and drop the fields in the order you want them to appear from the “Available Fields” section to the “Selected Fields” section
    • a. ​​​​​​​The items will appear in the order that you drag and drop them into the “Selected Fields” section.
    • b. The items can also be re-arranged once they are dropped into the “Selected Fields” section by dragging and placing the selected item on top or below any of the other selected fields
    • c. You can also remove an item from the “Selected Fields” section, by dragging and dropping the item back into the “Available Fields”
    • d. Tip: in order to search for a specific field – hold down the “Control” button and press the “F” key to bring up a search box on your browser (“Command” + “F” on a Mac). Then type the item you are searching for. If available, the matching text will appear highlighted within the “Available Fields” list.
  • 7. Once you have the desired fields selected, click “Create”

**Note: You will need to create a custom output (custom report) for both the transaction view and the transaction table if you are wanting to be able to view the report in the gateway (transaction table) and download the report as a CSV file (transaction)

How to View or Download a Custom Report

How to View the Custom Report for Transaction Table:

  • 1. Select Reporting on the left-hand side
  • 2. Then, select Transactions
  • 3. Under Table Format, select the name of the custom report you want to view

This is the transaction view before selecting a custom report

  • 4. In the example to the left, the custom report is titled, “Custom Transaction Report”
    • a. Once selected, the screen changes and shows only the fields selected in the report

This is the transaction view after selecting the custom report created titled, “Custom Transaction Report”. *Notice how the columns are different from before selecting the custom report

How to Download the Custom Transaction Report:

  • 1. Select Reporting > Transactions
  • 2. Then, select “Download as CSV” at the bottom of the page
  • 3. Next, select the format
  • 4. In the example to the left, we created a custom output titled, “Custom Transaction CSV”
  • 5. After selecting the format, select “Create”
  • 6. This will download the report as an Excel CSV file