iQ Pro Conversion FAQ

iQ Pro Conversion FAQ

General Info

Why is our business being asked to convert to iQ Pro?

    • • iQ Pro was developed by the same team who brought your BASYS IQ! With an updated user interface as well as many new and improved features, iQ Pro is the future of virtual terminals for your business. To continue offering new features, product improvements, and the best processing experience possible, all existing BASYS IQ accounts are transitioning to our new virtual terminal – iQ Pro!


What are the benefits of iQ Pro?

    • • Automatic Level II and III rates for qualified transactions
    • • Expanded recurring payment solutions
    • • Ability to create and send invoices
    • • Secure customer vault for data and payment info
    • • Industry-leading in-house Customer Support
    • Click here for more details on key benefits and features


Is converting to iQ Pro required?

    • • All current BASYS IQ accounts will convert to iQ Pro as the BASYS IQ platform will be sunset.

Functionality / Compatibility / Accessories

Our business saves customer vault records in BASYS IQ. Will we have to manually move those records over to iQ Pro?

    • • No! As a part of this conversion to iQ Pro, prior to your businesses training, our team will migrate all of your rolodex records, scheduled payments (if applicable), and transaction history to your new iQ Pro Gateway.
    • • All Data Migration will take place the night before your business’ scheduled iQ Pro Training. We recommend avoiding running transactions on the day of your training prior to your appointment so that you limit the data that doesn’t transfer.


Can our business still connect iQ Pro up to our website?

    • • Yes, Simple Pay (a hosted payments page) is available on iQ Pro just as on BASYS IQ. There is also a new Shopping Cart feature.


We have a card swiper that we use with BASYS IQ. Will this need to be replaced to work with iQ Pro?

    • • No, all Magtek swipers currently being utilized alongside BASYS IQ will also work with iQ Pro.


When will our business be converting to iQ Pro?

    • • Your business will be notified of your OPEN ENROLLMENT date via email.
    • • Notification of OPEN ENROLLMENT date will be provided to all BASYS IQ administrator users via email.
    • • On this OPEN ENROLLMENT date, the BASYS IQ users registered at the “administrator level will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule training to initiate the conversion process.


We are ready to convert to iQ Pro now! Can we schedule training prior to our Open Enrollment date?

    • • We feel your excitement as well! Due to the large number of merchants involved in this conversion, we ask for your patience. We are unable to schedule training for your business prior to your scheduled Open Enrollment date. This is to ensure prompt training availability and a smooth conversion from BASYS IQ to iQ Pro for your business.


What training options will be available to our business?

    • Self-Guided Training Videos – This training allows you to navigate through a series of training videos surrounding the features and functionality of iQ Pro. If additional assistance is needed, BASYS Customer Support Team is available to answer questions and can connect your business with our iQ Pro Training Team as needed.
    • Personalized training with iQ Pro Trainer – This training is scheduled with a member of our iQ Pro Training Team. These trainings will be facilitated as a Zoom conference call with optional screen sharing. Your business can invite as many employees as you wish to this training by sharing the Zoom meeting information. You can request that the training is recorded for sharing with your teammates later.


Which training option should our business select?

    • Self-guided Training Videos – This training is a great option for any business that does not utilize some of the more complex features of BASYS IQ like scheduled payments, Simple Pay, ACH functionality etc. On the date you select for your self-guided training appointment, you will receive your iQ Pro credentials and links to the training videos. This is also a great option if you are a self-sufficient technical learner and prefer to “test drive” new products and go at your own pace.
    • Personalized training with iQ Pro Trainer – This training will allow for a more customized training experience for your business. Screen sharing options will allow those attending training to all experience the same message and provide feedback and ask questions. We suggest this training method for any business using multiple features of BASYS IQ like scheduled payments, saved rolodex records, customized reporting, etc.


Who needs to schedule training for our business?

    • • Current BASYS IQ users who are listed as an “admin” or “administrator” users will receive an email on your businesses OPEN ENROLLMENT DATE that allows them to book a training session that is convenient for them.
    • • Only ONE official training appointment can be booked per business.
      • • There is no limit on the number of employees that can attend the ONE scheduled training. You can invite as many employees as necessary to attend the ONE scheduled training by simply sharing the zoom meeting details that will be emailed by your assigned Trainer.
    • • You can pick a time that works for all users that will attend.
    • • Training can be recorded for sharing with your teammates later upon request of your Trainer.
    • • If you or your teammates have questions after the training, our Customer Support team is available to you from 7am-7pm CT at (800) 386-0711.


We are interested in the self-guided training videos. Why do we still have to schedule this?

• Our goal for your business is that when you log into your new iQ Pro gateway, all data for your business has already been loaded and is waiting for you! To do this, regardless of training method, our team will create new iQ Pro credentials for your business, migrate all relevant data, and provide user credentials to individuals who will be going through either Those tasks will be completed prior to your scheduled training date/time.  This is why even the self-guided training needs to have a date/time for scheduled training.


We can’t locate the email with the link to schedule our appointment – we are ready to schedule training- help!

• If you are ready to schedule training or have questions about when your business will be eligible to schedule training, please reach out to our Customer Support Team at (800) 386-0711 or email at Customer Support can:

    • • look up your open enrollment date to confirm when the iQ Pro Conversion for your business will begin.
    • • look up the email address(es) that received the training link.
    • • book training (after your Open Enrollment date) for your business over the phone.


Will iQ Pro cost more than BASYS IQ?

    • • In an effort to create iQ Pro with the most user-friendly interface, updated functionality and a variety of additional features, your business may see adjustments in monthly gateway costs once converted to your new iQ Pro gateway. Those pricing adjustments will go into effect on the first billing statement following your completed conversion and will be as follows:

Where will I see the monthly costs for iQ Pro?

    • • All adjusted iQ Pro gateway costs will continue to be billed and visible on the monthly processing statement generated for your business each month. You can also find more information about the updated Terms and Conditions HERE.


What if our business doesn’t like iQ Pro? Can we still use our BASYS IQ?

    • • We are confident that iQ Pro will exceed all expectations and will be a value add for your business. If for some reason you are not happy with the product, please contact us with your concerns.
    • • Once your business has received your credentials and training on iQ Pro, your old BASYS IQ portal will be deactivated.

Additional Resources

For additional resources and information about iQ Pro, please click here.

Additional Questions

The BASYS team is available to answer any questions your business has regarding your transition to iQ Pro!

BASYS Processing- Customer Support
(800) 386-0711


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