Please meet Steven, Evan, and Jennifer – Three more 2018 additions to #teamBASYS!

Steven Evan and Jennifer - 2018 additions to #teamBASYS

Please meet Steven, Evan, and Jennifer – Three more 2018 additions to #teamBASYS!

The growth of 2018 has been amazing, and we are very appreciative.  Please meet Steve, Evan, and Jennifer; three more team members added in 2018.


Who are Steven, Evan, and Jennifer?

– I’m at the gym early in the morning and will be adding swimming next month

– My favorite food is anything at breakfast time.
– My favorite vacation spot is Alaska
– I’m learning to play the guitar

– I like public speaking
– Pho is life
– My favorite vacation spot is Greenport / Sag Harbor in New York
– I love music (the louder the better)


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