BankCherokee Meet It or Beat It

Terms and Conditions

  • • Merchant must process a minimum of $10,000 in monthly credit card sales.


  • • Merchant must provide at least two months of their most recent statements from their current credit card processor.


  • • The cost comparison will be based on a calculation of the overall cost for comparable services, as determined by the processing
    • statements merchant provides, and will exclude all one-time fees.


  • • Cost comparison applies to processing program fees only.  It does not apply to equipment or software fees.


  • • If BASYS cannot meet or beat merchant’s overall processing costs, BASYS will notify merchant, and will provide merchant with $100 within 60 days of the notification.


  • • Limit one payment per merchant.  A merchant is defined by unique ownership, Tax ID, and location.


  • • These merchants DO NOT qualify for the offer:
    • – Merchants currently processing with BASYS
    • – Merchants that have participated in a similar offer with, or otherwise requested a cost comparison or reverse analysis from, BASYS within the past year
    • – Merchants that are considered by BASYS to be high risk, or merchants not approved by BASYS’ credit policy
    • – Merchants currently participating in a merchant services program designed specifically for franchisees, trade associations or member associations
    • – Merchants whose current pricing is below standard card organization fees
    • – Merchants based outside the United States


  • • $100 payment may be considered taxable income, and merchant is responsible for all applicable taxes.


  • • Offer cannot be combined with other offers.


  • • Offer valid through Deember 31, 2019.


  • • Offer may be extended, modified, or discontinued by BASYS at any time without notice.