‘Tis the Season for Office Holiday Fun

BASYS Processing Christmas Movie Tournament header photo

‘Tis the Season for Office Holiday Fun

‘Tis the Season!

The tree is up and decorated. The Company Holiday Party has been scheduled, and the Evite is out. The Gift Exchange, potluck lunch, and official ½ days are all planned, with roles assigned, and hopes of making holidays around the office the most social and joyous of occasions.

But, is that it? That’s all fairly standard. What ELSE are you doing around the office this holiday?

BASYS Processign - Decorate Your CubeDECORATE YOUR CUBE

Do you have employees decorate cubes and offices with Christmas Lights? You could offer prizes for Most Lights, Most Create, Most Classy, and Most Trashy (i.e. the Clark Griswold Award).


Do you close the office, rent a limo, and hit the town? It can be really fun to feast on some fine dining, then swing by your city’s best light displays on the way home. The spicy version: invite spouses as well. The totally off-the-hook version: wrap up the festivities at a dance club. Just be sure to drop everyone off at home.

COMPETITIONS & CONTESTSBASYS Processing - Ugly Sweater Photo

Do you host a Chili Cookoff competition? Or a Favorite Holiday Sidedish bracket?  What about an Ugly Sweater Contest?  The battle of the Ugly Sweater has become quite popular in recent years.  Some clothing designers and manufacturers purposely produce the most heinous sweaters and sweatshirts specifically for the annual Ugly Sweater Contest at work.  This can definitely produce some hilarious photos, videos, and office banter.


BASYS Processing - Christmas Movie Tournament Bracket Photo


This year at BASYS Processing, we went with the bracket concept, and are featuring the Christmas Movie Tournament.  The choices are quite excellent, and include classics like Miracle on 34th Street, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Frosty the Snowman; plus perennial comedy favorites like A Christmas Story, Home Alone, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and Elf.  And just like that big basketball event every March, there are a few cinderalla longshots like Polar Express, Die Hard, and Nightmare Before Christmas.  We track it on a huge dry erase board near the break room, and feature a new match-up every day.  Everyone is inspired to vote in each match-up, and frequently heard over cube tops is the unashamed, and on occasion intensely vocal, advocation for a personal favorite.  In fact, the debating of the merits of a particular flick, in an ultimately hopeless attempt to sway others to vote for your preference, is strongly encouraged.  As long as it remains just that:  a debate.

CLICK HERE to view a full size JPG with the latest winners and losers in the BASYS Processing 2016 Christmas Movie Tournament Bracket.

What’s the UNIQUE decoration, activity, or Holiday Party Twist at your office around the holidays?

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