4 Things Your B2B Software Company Needs in a Payment Integration

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4 Things Your B2B Software Company Needs in a Payment Integration

To be the best-of-the-best in the realm of B2B software, you’ll need to offer a full-featured, seamless experience that caters to the unique needs of your B2B clientele. A payment integration can boost your organization’s revenue, but it also adds features that help you remain competitive. Sounds great, right?

With the right partner, a payment integration is a win-win situation. But if you choose a provider that doesn’t have access to the tools B2B merchants need, integrated payments won’t help you OR your clients. When working with a partner on integrated payments, the following features should be non-negotiable:


1. Level II & Level III Transaction Capabilities

Credit card transactions are categorized into various data levels based on information submitted at the time of the transaction. The data levels associated with the lowest possible interchange rates, Level II and Level III, are only available to B2B organizations. To qualify for those lower rates, the following must be submitted:

Level II: 5 additional items of data, including: sales tax amount, zip code, invoice number, order number, and customer code.

Level III: 19 additional items of data, including: product codes and descriptions, price per unit, tax rate and type, and more.

For most businesses, collecting and entering all that extra information just isn’t practical. Thankfully, a payment integration specifically tailored for B2B transactions will automatically capture the required data. That means your software can tout the fact that, with you, merchants will pay the lowest interchange rates possible.


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2. Simplified PCI DSS Compliance

A B2B software that reduces the scope of compliance for the businesses utilizing it is a product that will help you remain competitive. Your payment gateway provider should be Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) certified, with a full suite of fraud and breach protection features.

But even minimal PCI Compliance requirements can be confusing for businesses not well-versed in cyber security or industry-specific verbiage. Look for a partner with a comprehensive, proactive PCI Compliance program. That means an in-house team will reach out to your merchants to help them achieve and maintain compliance with industry security standards. This can save your merchants hundreds in non-compliance and PCI vendor fees, so it’s a feature your team will want to boast about.


3. Recurring Billing & Invoicing Features

Recurring billing and invoicing, often called subscription billing is incredibly lucrative for B2B organizations, and therefore in high demand as a software feature. More and more B2B businesses are looking to optimize workflows and increase cash flow, and that means making payment as easy as possible.

Automated recurring billing and click-to-pay links for invoicing are must-haves, but it’s vital that those features are accompanied by a secure customer vault. This allows repeat transactions without compromised data or complicated security requirements.


4. Profitable Revenue Share

A payment integration means entering into a partnership with a payment processor. This partnership opens up a brand-new revenue stream for your company—revenue sharing. With a revenue share agreement, each new or existing customer you refer to your partner for a merchant account entitles you to a percentage of the revenue generated with every transaction. When looking for a payment processor, ensure that your revenue share agreement is generous. Your partner should be dedicated to a productive and mutually beneficial relationship, and that means compensating you fairly for every merchant in your portfolio.


Final Thoughts

Modern businesses can’t survive without software, but your sales staff might be used to hearing, “Why should I choose your product?” The right payment integration empowers your team to answer, “Why should I choose your product?” with “Because it’s the best. Here’s why . . .”

Ready to learn more? Check out our infographic for 6 things software companies should look for in a credit card processor. If you’re still not convinced, give us a call. We’d love to talk to you about the benefits of our software partnership programs.

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