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Payment API Documentation

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Developer resources with Basys
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Technical Content for Flawless API Integration

After building your payment solution API, how do you integrate it? How do you use it? Your Basys integration and deployment team generates payment API documentation for effective instructions, including:

  • How to integrate the API
  • Best practices for using the API
  • Meticulous security constraint details
  • API update instructions
  • API lifecycle expectations

Knowledge is power. Contact us today to learn how our APIs can enhance your business.

How Basys Payment API Documentation Helps

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Through user-friendly instructions and personal guidance, your clients discover the value and convenience of the API.
The custom-tailored API seamlessly integrates with your platforms—with technical documentation to guide the way.
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Through Basys, get access to app creation that drives customer engagement and seamless back-office operations.
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Don't Compromise Your Code

For seamless payment API integrations with expert programmer support from design to deployment

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Providing Resources for Your Developers

Do you speak in code? So do we. Our integration and deployment teams are experts in their field. They provide resources that help your programmers successfully integrate client APIs.

Our payment API documentation also helps your clients do business from one convenient central hub—your software. That means marketing automation, reporting, customer management and payments.

It all starts with a conversation with your dedicated Basys representative. Let’s talk about your software goals, your customers’ needs and how Basys can make the whole process convenient for you and your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Through our Connect Web Service, clients and programmers that have written their own applications for order entry and invoicing purposes can process credit card transactions. This alternative is more direct and customizable than the use of the Connect interface and file transfer protocols.

With the Connect Web Service, clients and programmers can call a single function from their development language that creates simple Sale, Credit, Authorizations or Void transactions. Your programmer can create transaction authorizations (including Sales and Credits), Void previous transactions and Query previous transactions to check their existence and status. All transaction activity directly communicates with the merchant’s account at the Gateway.

And of course, we’ll provide the payment API documentation to help your programmers achieve success!

The simple answer is: We offer seamless integration, an industry-leading revenue share and personal service for your users.

For a little more detail, Basys payment solutions feature:

  • User-friendly API allowing for seamless integration into your software.
  • Competitive revenue share and easy-to-read revenue share reports tracking growth.
  • Personalized customer solutions including automated recurring billing, secure customer vault and more.
  • A friendly, live voice will answer the phone when you or your customers call; no automated phone systems.
  • An in-house PCI compliance team to walk your customers through the process step-by-step.
  • Access to our marketing department, plus a full suite of marketing materials, blogs and videos.

Our goal is a business partnership that will help you meet and exceed your goals.

Basys offers world-class support for both your in-house developers and your software client base. With a Basys payment gateway API, your support includes:

  • A live Basys team member answering the phone (no automated phone systems).
  • Training for programmers and clients, both in-person and online.
  • A single point of contact for your partner relationship, so you don’t have to re-explain your needs every time you call.
  • 90% of questions/issues resolved during the first call.
  • 90%+ satisfaction score for our customer experience teams.
  • Service designed to maintain and build on the relationships you already have with your clients.