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Basys payment processing API
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A Payment Solutions API Should Fit Your Code, Not Vice-Versa

The Basys deployment team works with your engineers to achieve seamlessly-integrated payment solutions.

With our custom APIs, your customers will enjoy uninterrupted payment service.

It pays to work with Basys.

Discover Our World-Class Service

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We'll work individually with your engineers and your clients to achieve the right solutions for you and your business.
Our team helps yours re-architect the software for your payment processing API.
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Enjoy immediate financial benefits from competitive revenue sharing.
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Don't Compromise Your Code

For seamless payment API integrations with expert engineering support, from design to deployment

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The Basys Payment API

Your customer needs a payment solution built into their software. You need API code that fits seamlessly with your client’s needs. It needs to work so well that it seems like this payment API was built just for you.

A Basys payment processing API does just that. We customize solutions on our end so that your end works flawlessly.

Once you’re assigned a single, dedicated point of contact, your Basys professional takes your success personally. They’re 100% dedicated to achieving the right solution for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Our solutions include the latest in B2B payment technology, as well as features to help B2C operations grow income. You’ll find all the features and support you need—including:

  • Automated recurring billing.
  • Click-to-pay link for email invoicing.
  • Secure customer vault for repeat transactions.
  • Auto-qualify for Level II and Level III rates.
  • ACH/Check payment solutions.
  • Quick online access to transaction history and reports.
  • Easy-to-read merchant statements.
  • Unique and custom functionality.
  • And more.

We’ll be with you every step, so that you’ve got the support you need to create successful, long-term relationships with your clients.

Our integrated payment solutions give you access to a brand-new revenue stream—revenue sharing. At Basys, we offer highly competitive revenue share agreements, including:

  • 100% transparent pricing. No vague contract language, hidden fees, or upcharges.
  • Line-by-line price comparisons with merchant statements.
  • Access to experts to ensure your customers understand and receive their promised rates.

Also, you’ll receive ongoing support to drive continued portfolio growth. That support includes:

  • Joint marketing campaigns.
  • Sales incentive campaigns.
  • Shared goal setting to expand your program and grow your revenue.
  • Detailed and easily digestible revenue share reports.
  • Optional dashboards to track partnership growth.
  • And more.

Our engineers are ready to help customize the payment API to fit your software, not the other way around.

You also receive:

  • Comprehensive integration support through a single dedicated point of contact.
  • Focused and frequent interaction with your development team throughout the integration process.
  • A user-friendly API solution allowing for seamless integration into your software.
  • Gateway customizations to meet the needs of your software.
  • Active support for your team through development as your products and ours evolve.