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Creating Merchant Outreach to Reach Your Goals

Too often with banks, the onboarding process is both the beginning and the end of the relationship. Accounts are setup, access is created—and that’s it.

At Basys, we believe in helping create mutually beneficial relationships for banks and merchants. When we partner with banks, we not only help them integrate gateway APIs for improved business, but we also help them leverage their technology for enhanced customer experiences.

Improving Merchant Onboarding via Digitization

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Save Time
By streamlining your merchant onboarding process through digital applications, it only takes minutes to apply.
Reflect the steps of your customer's credit lending journey through digitized phases, so they can complete it anywhere.
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Informed Sales
Use your data to understand existing clients and speak to those that use other credit card solutions than yours.
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Support Your Clients and Your Revenue

Basys can help you digitize onboarding for maximum customer service—and sales revenue.

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How Basys Improves Merchant Onboarding

First, we assign you a single, dedicated Basys expert. They’ll partner with you to understand your bank’s strengths and possible improvement points.

Once we have the essential data, we can deliver strategies to help grow your program. We’ll provide technical support and marketing programs to help you entice merchants to utilize your bank’s payment solutions.

Through it all, we’ll provide the best personalized service to you and your clients. Basys helps you increase revenue generated by both debit and credit transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

To capitalize on merchant relationships, you need to know the merchant’s goals. During the onboarding process, you can use one of the digitized onboarding steps as a discovery tool for goal setting. Plus, the information your onboarding process gathers becomes your outreach strategy, helping the customer grow so that you can grow with them.

Forward-thinking banks also leverage technology to help customers apprise the bank of financial goals themselves, such as with the use of personal financial management tools or other strategies we can discuss with you. Ultimately, your digitized programs should deepen merchant relationships with your bank’s services to create a mutually beneficial future.

In today’s business world, digital channels are where growth occurs. You can turn digital solutions into revenue through your digitized client journey. It can provide a fast, frictionless experience for your merchants. It also delivers immediately accessible information to your banking experts, enabling them to offer bank services that improve the merchant’s revenue.

You’ll also discover if the merchant uses a different payment solutions provider. If so, you can offer them your Basys-designed, custom payment gateway API for both debit and credit transactions, along with revenue share agreements that create new streams. It’s a win-win.

Your sales team will discover an incredibly useful tool to grow revenue with “data mining.” It allows your bank to leverage a resource you already have—existing customers. Your bank can use data mining to identify opportunities to cross-sell, ask for referrals, reduce costs and deepen relationships.

You can easily start data mining by asking your Basys contact about an ACH mining report. This report pulls deposit data for all your accounts and cross-references it with a comprehensive list of processors in the industry. As your payment solutions partner, we’ll work with you to compile this report to determine which bank customers are actively processing with another provider. From there, you can sort the list by profitability, targeting the highest-value prospects first.