BASYS Processing Donates Canned Goods to Harvesters, Competes for Best “Can-struction” Creation

Basys Donates Canned Goods to Harvesters

Basys collected canned goods throughout November to donate to Harvesters, the Community Food Network. To add a competitive edge to the food drive, we split into teams to create original designs—all made from canned goods!

The teams constructed a variety of things, including a box of doughnuts (above, left) and the Kansas City Chiefs logo inside a field goal post (above, right).

Other “can-structions” included a flower garden (below, left) and a slice of pumpkin pie (below, right).

The winning design, “Mario Goes Shopping with his Basys Credit Card,” (below, left) was constructed by the Customer Support, Admin and Boarding teams!

Altogether, Basys donated 1,338 pounds of canned goods for Harvesters, which is enough to feed 1,115 people in our community.

Thank you to #teambasys for your participation in our annual canned food drive to help feed our neighbors right here in Kansas City.

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