Building Trust Through Transparency: How Excellence in Customer Service Solidifies Partner Relationships

Basys employees and partners in conference room with laptops, smiling.

At Bāsys, we believe that excellence in customer interactions is the hallmark of a solid partnership. We know our products and services can speak for themselves, but they shouldn’t have to. We have built an elite team of passionate and fun people who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and building relationships with our partners. You can see our company culture in action by watching this video here, showcasing how an excellent work environment directly blends into superb customer service. We are committed to going beyond the baseline expectation, knowing that the result will be stronger client relationships built on collaboration and growth.  

Taking a Customer-Centric Approach 

Remaining customer-centric is what distinguishes Bāsys within the FinTech industry. From the very beginning, we understood that a personal approach is the key to building lasting relationships with partners. When we say “partner,” we genuinely believe in building collaborative relationships through transparency and honesty, showing our standard of excellence from the first interaction.  

This philosophy goes beyond first impressions. When a company partners with Bāsys, we plan for a long-standing relationship that will adapt and shift as their business needs change. This is why we have built certain practices into the customer journey to ensure that they see us as a part of their team. How is this done? At Bāsys, we answer every incoming call in 3 rings or less, 98% of the time. We also average 90% for 1st call resolution. And we host in-person collaborative meetings with the very people that are putting their trust in us to grow their business. 

Invitation to Partners: Strengthening Relationships  

To get a true understanding of the level of excellence Bāsys brings to the table, partners need to experience our culture first-hand. Inviting partners to our headquarters in Lenexa, KS, is like welcoming them into our home. It is an honor to showcase our services directly from the teams that are building their customized solutions, while highlighting our culture and future-forward workspace.  

Each partner visit involves a highly personalized approach that guides guests through the dynamics of Bāsys. This begins with a tour of our headquarters, which was voted Coolest Office Space in Kansas City (KCBJ 2022). Partners then engage with different teams across Bāsys, including IT & Product Development, Customer Experience, Marketing and Partner Relations.  

Meeting the CEO: A Personal Touch  

When visiting Bāsys, partners are not simply shuffled from one part of the office to another and given a packet of information at the end. In fact, partners have the opportunity to engage one-on-one with CEO Brad Oddo and discuss important aspects of their business. These meetings involve industry-specific collaboration and discussion, pinpointing priorities and goals for partner growth.  

Meeting with the CEO and departmental teams are pivotal aspects of the visit, highlighting just how important their experience is to the leaders at Bāsys. Nowhere else will partners get this level of care and attention. 

Brad Oddo, Basys CEO, speaks with employees while sitting at a conference table.

Bāsys CEO, Brad Oddo, meeting with partner to discuss sales and marketing.

Innovation through Collaboration 

One of the main purposes of partner visits is the opportunity to actively collaborate and work on solutions that will positively impact our partners’ business. The knowledge shared between visiting partners and the teams at Bāsys leads to tangible innovations that will advance growth for all involved. Processes and solutions can be discussed freely, with constructive feedback and collaboration taking place in real time.  

Amid product demonstrations, brainstorming sessions and team meetings, there is a common thread that is woven into the entire experience: excellence. Every partner that walks through the doors of Bāsys is shown the same level of discretion and dedication, down to the smallest detail.  

We believe in being the best over the biggest, and delivering world-class service at every level is a testament to that belief.  

Real Experiences with Real People 

Recently, our partners at TACinsight, based in Knoxville, TN, spent two days visiting Bāsys headquarters. During their visit, they were able to work directly with their product team and meet others that could develop further customized solutions that would sharpen their software platform, FASTweigh. 

A question that came up during their visit was, “How might we grow together?” This underscores the purpose of partner visits in one phrase. Mutual growth is at the center of every discussion.  

During their visit, the TACinsight team had the opportunity to see Bāsys in motion through collaborative discussions and workshops, while leaving room for fun in the process. Our partners are always treated like real people, and showcasing our community and culture is a simple way to demonstrate our goals and values.  

Basys conference meeting with the insight team listening intently
TAC insight team from Left to Right: Eric Wilhite (Product Lead), Steve Rasmussen (Partner), and BJ Lusk (Senior Product Specialist)


Taking the Proactive Approach 

Exceptional customer service shouldn’t only extend to when problems arise. By taking a proactive approach and leading with excellence ensures client loyalty and trust from the beginning. When a business partners with Bāsys, they are gaining unparalleled service within the industry, with attention and dedication they won’t find anywhere else.  

Our favorite days are when we get to host our partners at our headquarters. We love getting to share our culture and values with our partners and show them what it means to be Team Bāsys. We will never be a veiled presence hidden behind automated answering machines and waiting times. Establishing the expectation of excellence, communicates our values early, and continually highlights our willingness to go above and beyond. Our partners are just that – partners. This is what sets us apart. 

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