Clover Mobile and Clover Flex 3G – End of Clover Support

Clover Mobile and Clover Flex 3G – End of Clover Support

On August 5, 2021, the Clover Mobile and Clover Flex 3G will move to an “End of Clover Support” status.

While Clover will be ending support of these devices, BASYS will continue to support merchants currently using these devices.

Merchants are NOT required to purchase new equipment as a result of this change.

The following restrictions will apply for all Clover Mobile and Clover Flex 3G devices:

  • No new accounts, additional equipment or additional locations can be boarded
  • Merchants can continue to process; however, they will require an upgrade should the device become inoperable
  • Replacements, swaps and help desk support will no longer be available
  • No new payments features will be added or updated
  • No new application features will be added or updated (Clover App Market updates)
  • Only critical security updates will be made

[Please Note] The Clover Mobile and Clover Flex 3G have a 3G network modem for use outside of a Wi-Fi environment; however, the national carriers are sunsetting 3G connectivity by February 2022. Merchants may experience loss of 3G connectivity before that date.

Go-Forward Solutions

Identifying a Clover Flex 3G Device

Users can identify a Clover Flex 3G by the prefix of the serial number.

  • •  Clover Flex 3G: Prefix begins with C040
  • • Clover Flex LTE: Prefix begins with C041
  • • Clover Flex LTE Gen 2: Prefix begins with C042

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