How Your Bank Can Turn Digital Solutions into Revenue

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How Your Bank Can Turn Digital Solutions into Revenue

Since 2008, the banking industry hasn’t just rebounded; it’s experienced massive growth. Even with the economy stymied by COVID-19, global banking revenue is expected to reach $5.4 trillion by 2022—a 75% increase since 2011. For banking executives, now’s the time to make sure you’re positioning your bank to optimize growth and drive revenue. But increasingly, growth is occurring on digital channels.

Here’s how your bank can turn digital solutions into revenue: 


Digitize the Customer Journey  

In an age where customers can order groceries from Target and have them delivered that same day, convenience and ease-of-use are becoming paramount across every industry. As the retail sector creates an increasingly frictionless experience, consumers will expect a similar breed of customer journey everywhere they do business. If onboarding with your bank takes days or even weeks, customers are apt to think your institution is just behind the times. So, what does the digitized customer journey look like? 

First and foremost, it is personalized. For exampleVish Jain, 1st EVP and Head of New Business and Operating Models at Siam Commercial Bank, stated that their organization has fully digitized five different phases of the customer journey—prospecting, advice and sales, onboarding, transactions, and administration. These changes have allowed them to shorten their onboarding process, which once took days, to only three minutes 

Digitization puts the customer at the center of everything you do, and it transforms solutions in a way that saves time and money for both your bank and your customers. The proof is in the numbers. According to Boston Consulting Group, one of their bank clients was able to reduce overall costs by 30% when they digitized their credit lending journey, and another saved $200 million over four years.  


Increase Transaction Revenue 

The debit card market is highly saturated. 90% of Americans have at least one checking account, and 80% of those accounts have debit cardsIf your bank can win a fair portion of debit card market share, interchange generated by these transactions can be quite lucrative. In 2016, interchange fees totaled $88 billion. Debit cards can also generate a significant amount of non-interest income in the form of monthly maintenance fees, ATM out-of-network-fees, etc. But, don’t count your chickens before they hatch! Before you can increase transaction revenue, you’ll need to entice customers to utilize your bank’s debit card program. To do this, prioritize service. Provide a frictionless experience for your customers in the form of strong digital account management to encourage debit card usage.  

Finally, increase revenue generated by both debit AND credit transactions by reviewing your merchant services program. If your bank partners with a processing provider to offer these services, revisit your revenue share agreement to ensure you’re receiving your fair share. For more on how to secure a profitable revenue share, read The Difference Between Buy Rate and Revenue Share.

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Inform Sales Efforts with Data Mining 

Data mining is an incredibly useful tool to grow revenue because it allows your bank to leverage a resource you already have—existing customersYour bank can use data mining to identify opportunities to cross-sell, ask for referrals, reduce costs, and deepen relationships. Using data mining to customize bundle pricing for existing customers, some banks have been able to increase revenue almost 15% 

Looking for an easy way to get started with data mining? Ask your payment processing partner about an ACH mining report. This report pulls deposit data for all your accounts and cross-references it with a comprehensive list of processors in the industry. Your processing partner should work with you to compile this report to determine which bank customers are actively processing with another provider. From there, you can sort the list by profitability, targeting the highest value prospects first. 


Final Thoughts 

Now more than ever, customers are looking for banking options that are safe and convenient. And 39% of banking executives reported a reduction in overhead with expanding technologyThat’s why embracing digital solutions is a win-win situation. Going digital enhances the customer experience while growing your bank’s revenue.  

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