The Benefits of Mobile Payments for Landscaping Companies

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The Benefits of Mobile Payments for Landscaping Companies

Cash flow is key no matter how big or small your landscaping business is. One way to keep money coming in more consistently is to accept mobile payments.

Mobile payments have become more mainstream as customers are far more likely to use a debit or credit card over cash or check. There are several different types of mobile payment possibilities.

Remote payment is when the customer is making the purchase online or within an app.

Proximity payment requires the mobile phone to make contact with a payment terminal, commonly using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.  Although the awareness of these mobile wallets is well-known, with 56 percent of Americans and Canadians saying they are “extremely aware” they can use their phone as a payment device, the majority choose not to.

The most popular and common mobile payment options are the point of sale systems, like the Clover Go, that allow companies to turn their phone into a credit card reader.

Below are some benefits to offering mobile payments and how to find the best system to suit your company’s needs.


Customers may be willing to spend more 

According to the business consulting firm Bain & Co., on average, mobile payment users spend twice as much through all digital channels than those who don’t use mobile payments. Consumer behavior research shows that customers are less price sensitive when they use credit compared to cash.

For example, if your employee just finished mowing the lawn for a client and they point out some shrubsthey wish to have trimmed as well, the crew member has the opportunity to go ahead and tack that fee on right then and there with a quick swipe of a card.


Reduced risk

Accepting personal checks from customers inherently introduces risk to your business: Until you deposit the check with your bank, you don’t know if it’s backed by sufficient funds. If it isn’t, you could incur costs for the bounced check, in addition to the follow-up communications you’ll be forced to have with the customer to recoup the money you’re owed.

Mobile payments can eliminate such risk. If a secure Wi-Fi connection isn’t available, most mobile payment providers allow you to collect the customer’s payment data securely but suspend processing until you can connect with secure Wi-Fi.


Increased efficiency

Billing takes time and spending time driving to the bank to make deposits, reconciling cash and check payments, and documenting such information for tax filing all take time that could be spent growing your business.

Mobile payment transactions allow funds to be transferred directly to a business bank account (often in less than 48 hours), including a record of which customer made the payment.


Data collection and personalization

“Small businesses using mobile payments can now track what product and services they are selling to better understand customer demands,” Gene Signorini, vice president of mobile insights at Mobiquity told OPEN Forum. “Not only can they now capture payment information, but they can learn about their customers and use that information to improve service.”

This data can also be used to integrate and increase incentive programs, saving customers from having to keep up with punch cards. It also allows you to reach out to clients when they are most likely to be interested in hiring you for a service, based on previous records.


How to choose the best payment solution

When it comes to mobile payments, it’s never one size fits all. To determine what works best for your business, follow these steps. Evaluate your client’s journey as a customer. Are there opportunities where a mobile payment option offers a more pleasant or efficient experience?

If part of your business is a retail garden center and long lines are an issue, it might be better to have employees check out customers on the spot after helping them find the plants they need.

Analyze your existing infrastructure and formulate a case that proves it would be helpful and improve the customer experience. Then you can go about selecting whichever service is best for your operations.

*** This content originally appeared on on January 2, 2018

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