Clover Gift Card FAQs

Clover Gift Card FAQs

Hire-a-Designer Gift Card Package

Can I change the quantity of my plastic gift card order?

Yes, you can edit the number of gift cards you purchase on the Review Design page. You can select from the following quantities:

100 / 250 / 500 / 1000 / 2500 / 5000

Please note, the price may vary depending on the gift card package you select.

How do I go back and edit my design from the Review Design page?

You can edit your gift card image or any of the information on the back of the gift card. All you need to do is select the Edit Front or Edit Back button under the gift card image.

Do I need to upload a file for the designer right away?

No, however, we do encourage you to provide us with your logo and a detailed description of what you would like on the gift card design.

If you have any files you would like to share with your designer, please upload the file or a zipped (compressed) file of all the art assets you wish to use (maximum 10MB).

How does the Hire-a-Designer package work?

    1. Upload your logo or any artwork you’d like included in your design and fill out the form with your details and notes for the designer (max file size is 10MB)
    2. Submit the form and complete payment steps
    3. Discuss your gift card design ideas via email with an experienced designer from Sterling Card Solutions Preview up to two proofs before finalizing your artwork
    4. Receive an email confirmation that your design is ready to order
    5. Follow the link from the email and place your plastic gift card order

Important Note: Please provide as much detail and feedback during the design process will ensure that Sterling’s designers will create a design to your satisfaction and that your final proof is accurate. Also, note that the Hire-a-Designer package price is only for the custom design. You will need to purchase your plastic gift cards separately.

Deluxe Gift Card Package

What are the dimensions that my artwork needs to be?

Your artwork needs to be 3.625″w × 2.375″h at 300 dpi which is 1088 x 713 pixels (300 dpi).

How do I check if my design file is the right type and size?

To make sure your design file is the right type and size, please reference our Plastic Gift Card Deluxe Package Art Guidelines.

For the best results, we recommend using one of the templates in our art guidelines document. We provide PSD, EPS, AI

How do I add my logo to my plastic gift cards?

To create a custom-designed gift card using your business’s logo, select from our Deluxe or Hire-a-Designer packages and follow the steps outlined after selection. If you need help selecting the right package for your business, please fill out the Submit A Request Form.

I am having trouble uploading my artwork

When uploading your artwork, please make sure to follow the guidelines we provide in our Plastic Gift Cards Deluxe Package Art Guidelines.

We recommend using one of the artwork templates we provide in our guide.

How does the Deluxe package work?

The Deluxe package allows you to upload your design for the front of the gift card. Please review the art guidelines to verify that your art file meets the print requirements. If your file does not meet the guidelines, please edit your file or select our Hire-a-Designer package to work one-on-one with a graphic designer.

Standard Gift Card Package

Do I have to add text to the back of my gift card?

Yes, you must add text to the back of your gift card. Most often the back of the gift card is where customers will look for details about your business and the terms and conditions of the gift card. You can update the default terms and conditions copy in the Merchant Profile tab.

What is the difference between the gloss and matte card finish?

For the glossy finish, the colors tend to be more vibrant and the card is shiny. For the matte finish, the colors will be more subdued and the card will not be shiny.

Can I use a custom font?

No, but we have 10 different font styles for your to choose from.

Do I have to enter text on the front of the gift card?

Yes, we require that you enter at least one line of text to the front of your card.

Will legacy card covers be available forever?

Yes, the legacy card covers will always be available to you.

How does the Standard package work?

The Standard package enables you to choose 
from over 100 gift card design templates, enter your business name and information as well as choose the font style.


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