ProPay can enable your business to accept credit cards and handle your ACH processing.


ProPay’s payment processing tools and competitive rates give you a quick and convenient way to begin accepting all major credit and debit card brands.


ProPay has payment processing solutions for a wide variety of industries. To help you find the payment solution that is right for your industry and company. No matter your industry, large or small, your core needs remain the same. Find the lowest transaction cost possible, broaden your payment options and reduce your data security burdens.

ProPay Features:

No monthly fees or minimums and no hidden fees

Online portal for accepting payments on your PC

Process anywhere - mobile card reader connects to phones & tablets

PCI compliance with no annual questionnaire


Visa, MasterCard,
swiped or dipped


Visa, Mastercard,


American Express

swiped, dipped, keyed


Batch Fee


Sign up Fee &
Annual Renewal Cost
* Includes Card Reader

Multiple ways to accept debit and credit cards.

It’s easy! Set up your account in minutes and start accepting credit cards from your
smartphone, tablet or desktop.
ProPay JAK

Our Mobile Card Reader connects to most smartphones and tablets so that you can process from anywhere.

ProPay App

Use the App or to process cards, transfer funds, view transactions and more.

Stored Cards

Securely store customer cards for future purchases.

ProPay to ProPay

Transfer funds between two separate ProPay Merchant Accounts without paying bank transfer fees.

Text/Email Invoicing

Securely send your customers a payment link through text or email using our text/email invoice feature.

Buy & Donate Now Buttons

Add a secure Buy or Donate Now button to any webpage or email.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual terminal is an online portal for accepting credit or debit card payments straight from your PC.

Shopping Cart

Shopping cart functionality for those who need to integrate payments in their own site.

Phone Processing

Even process cards through a touchtone telephone.


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