5 Ways to Differentiate Your Software Solution

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5 Ways to Differentiate Your Software Solution

Customers want hyperspecialized solutions to meet their niche business needs, and they have more options than ever before. Retaining customers and attracting new ones is more important than ever, so your software company needs to stand out and avoid commoditization.

What is commoditization? 

Investopedia defines commoditization as follows: “Commoditization removes the individual, unique characteristics and brand identity so that the product becomes interchangeable with other products of the same type. Making commodities interchangeable allows competition with a basis of price only and not on different characteristics. 

In short, commoditization happens when there’s a lack of diversity in the market and leads to customers perceiving little to no difference between solutions. As a result, decisions are based on price, not features. With that said, it’s time for an important question. Does your software want to be the cheapest or the best? If it’s the latter, read on.  

How to differentiate your software

Commoditization weakens the value of your solutions and your ability to command price premiums, so it’s vital that you take steps to differentiate your company and add value to your product offerings. Here are 5 ways to get started: 

1. Improve adoption rates among existing customers 

If you want current customers to see value in your software solution, you need to make sure they’re using it. And not only that, you need to help them unlock the full potential of your product. First, find the “innovator” at each of your customer’s businesses. This person is an enthusiast, and excited about what your software can do for them. They’ll help you lead the charge. 

Next, ensure that you offer extensive training opportunities and resources. Consider that different user may have different needs (for example, HR will undoubtedly have different uses for your software than customer service) and demonstrate use cases for a variety of roles. Collaboration software HighFive reported increased adoption rates when they incorporated the following into their software implementations: 

  • In-person training sessions 
  • Online training videos 
  • Monthly emails sharing best practices and use cases 

High adoption rates mean higher retention, higher marketing ROI, and higher customer lifetime value, so these practices should be a priority for your company! 

2. Educate prospects 

Customers are tired of solutions that overpromise and underdeliver. Now, successful companies take a consultative approach to sales and focus on education and value. Don’t lead with what you sell, but with information on what prospect can do with what you sell! Are you using content marketing to educate prospects about your software solution and influence them to act? Think case studies, testimonials, blog posts, product demo videos, and more!  

HubSpot’s content marketing strategy brought them to the forefront of their industry and helped them build a veritable empire of business solutions. They credit their content marketing with increased trust, traffic, lead quality, and customer satisfaction. 

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 3. Price appropriately 

Pricing Your Software Solution

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The key word here is “appropriately,” which doesn’t necessarily mean low. Aim to compete on value, not pricing, or you might find yourself in a race to the bottom. There are a variety of methods to price your solutions appropriately  read the Entrepreneur’s guide to pricing your digital product for more information or look at the graphic below for a synopsis. 

Once you’ve decided on the right pricing for your software solution, don’t just set it and forget it. Conduct audits at least annually. As the value of your product increases, adjust your pricing accordingly.   

 4. Improve your customer service 

According to a recent report compiled by Enterprise Strategy Group, most software users are satisfied with the product they’re using, but not the level of customer service they receive.  This is an opportunity for your company to excelEven if all other variables are constant, enhancing your customer service experience differentiates your product. 

Customer retention costs less than customer acquisition and happy clients are more likely to give you referrals. That means product innovation and fantastic customer service are both integral to your successMake it easy for customers to reach you, respond to reviews (both positive and negative!), and work with your customer service team to ensure the best experience possible.  

5. Enlist a partner 

Adding new features to your software increases value, but it can also eat up a significant amount of your team’s budget and bandwidth. But there is another way—joining forces with a strategic partner.  

One such strategic partnership is a payment integration. A payment integration adds payment processing functionality to your solution and creates a new revenue stream for your company. The right strategic partnership can open new markets for your solution, expand marketing reach, and enhance your customer serviceClick here to learn more about the benefits a payment integration has for your company.  

Final thoughts 

Keeping your customers happy requires constant innovation across many different facets of your product and overall company. This takes work, but you don’t have to go it alone! BASYS partners with software companies like yours to provide innovative payment processing solutions supported by world-class customer service. Let’s grow together! Click here to learn more about the benefits of our partnership program or contact us to get started.  

BASYS Processing as a business partner 

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BASYS Processing features: 

•User-friendly API allowing for seamless integration into your software.
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