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  • Having funds held is a frustrating and confusing situation. For some businesses, held funds can even cause serious cash flow issues. We’re here to provide insight on why funds are held, and insider tips to keep money flowing into your account.

  • Customers of your software company have more choice now than at any previous time in history. With so many options, how can you make sure that your existing customers stay with you? Let’s talk about brand loyalty.

  • We're very happy to introduce these five additions to #teamBASYS. Please join us in welcoming Josh, Chantel, Ray, Scott, and Karla!

  • Your referral bank sales reps are the lifeblood of your merchant services program. Their work will grow your portfolio and your bank's non-interest income. Here are 3 things to watch out for with referral bank rep compensation.

  • With the right partner, a payment integration is a win-win situation. But if you choose a provider that doesn’t have access to the tools B2B merchants need, integrated payments won’t help you OR your clients. With a B2B payment integration, the following features are non-negotiable:

  • With the advent of EMV chip cards, contactless payments, mobile wallets, and biometric data, businesses are demanding more sophisticated processing solutions. Your company can take advantage of this demand with integrated payments.

  • Despite generating so much revenue, many wouldn’t associate the words “moving and storage” with “innovation.” But the industry isn’t just trucks, trailers, and pre-fabricated storage buildings. Here's how a virtual terminal can help your operation prepare for the future.

  • We're very happy to introduce these five additions to #teamBASYS. Please join us in welcoming Josh, Chantel, Ray, Scott, and Karla!

  • Trade shows, conventions, and conferences offer valuable opportunities that you’d be hard-pressed to find in another venue. Where else can you find customers that are already searching for a solution like yours, and start closing deals that same day?

  • Industry analysts expect the concrete and cement market to grow 7.95% by 2023, and the US cement manufacturing market is on track to reach 10.5 billion dollars of revenue by 2022. All that growth means it’s more important than ever to optimize your operations. Here are the biggest processing pitfalls in the concrete industry, and tips on how to avo