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  • Once your bank decides to offer merchant services to its customers, the next step is choosing a processing partner. This choice will impact everything from revenue and retention, to customer support, so it’s not one to be taken lightly. But, in an industry that can seem so complicated, how do you know what to ask? Or even what to look for?

  • St. Patrick’s Day was originally a cultural and religious celebration, observing the death of Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint. March 17th was officially declared a feast day in the early 1600s, and as the Irish spread around the world, so did their St. Patrick’s Day traditions.

  • As EMV chip cards become more and more prominent throughout the US, fraudsters are turning their attention to more vulnerable targets: online businesses. Here are our top tips to protect your business from card-not-present fraud:

  • This weekend, the US will be springing forward. You might be looking forward to more sunshine, or just dreading those first few days of sleep deprivation. But, do you know why Daylight Saving Time is observed? To prepare for longer days, here are 6 facts and fictions about Daylight Saving Time. Can you guess what’s true and what’s false?

  • We are so excited to introduce you to 3 new additions to the team here at BASYS. Please give a warm welcome to Tyler, Kat, and Becky!

  • In today’s marketplace, you shouldn’t be asking if you can afford to accept credit cards, but if you can afford not to. If you want your business to be successful, now and in the future, accepting credit cards is more important than ever.

  • If your merchant services program is supported by the right processing partner, it can provide a substantial amount of non-interest income. But not all providers will be a good fit for your bank, and choosing the wrong partner can have unforeseen consequences. Here are just a few of the pitfalls of partnering with the wrong processor.

  • Can your business set a minimum amount on credit card purchases? What about a maximum amount? Legislation and industry regulations can make finding an answer to those questions complicated. Keep reading for our simplified guidelines on what you can, and can’t, do.

  • Is your business paying high processing fees every time you accept a business or purchasing card? If so, there might be a way for you to increase your profit margins without the need to increase your sales volume. The secret is qualifying your transactions at Level II and Level III.

  • Providing a merchant services program to your banking customers can be a lucrative business move that leads to additional clients and profits. However, low profit, stagnant portfolio growth, and high rates of attrition can all be signs that your merchant services partner is not providing you with competitive rates. But in an industry notorious for