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  • BASYS continues to grow in 2018, and we’d like to introduce two more 2018 team members: Jordann and Katie. Are you ready to join our team? We'd like to talk to you about it!

  • As Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese, once put it, “a sale is a gift to the customer until the money is in the bank.” Have you ever waited months on end for a customer to pay you? It's not uncommon, but it can have serious consequences.

  • According to, the B2B sector is home to about $3 Trillion worth of “inefficiencies” in how payments are made. A lot of that comes from the role paper plays in making sure businesses get supplied and paid. Small businesses are well-poised to pivot toward more efficient payment solutions.

  • BASYS expanded quite a bit in 2018, and we'd like you to meet a few more 2018 additions to #teamBASYS. Meet Brenda, Cindy, Courtney and Kathy! Are you ready to join our team? We'd like to talk to you about it!

  • Say goodbye to PIN amnesia, because new authentication methods are coming very soon. Let’s look at why customers prefer biometrics.

  • Scammers are always pushing to find the vulnerabilities in your security programs and systems. By choosing the right payment processor, and taking the steps outlined below, you can do a lot to protect your customers’ data.

  • You shouldn’t have to jump back and forth between multiple programs just to complete everyday business and managerial tasks. Plus, it’s important to choose a POS that suits your industry. If you're experiencing any of these 4 issues, it may be time to update your Point of Sale.

  • As technology evolves, experts agree credit cards will affect our day-to-day lives in new ways. From transportation to person-to-person transactions, one thing is certain: credit cards are here to stay. Here are just a few of the developments you can expect to see in the not-so-distant future.

  • Credit and debit cards affect American businesses in a profound way. As a business owner, you simply can’t ignore credit cards. Here’s why.

  • We think the best way to honor the early champions of the working man is by relaxing at the pool with friends and family. But first, enjoy some trivia about the holiday you’re enjoying. Spoiler alert: you can definitely wear white after Labor Day.