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  • Please join us in welcoming Nicole, Jordan, Jarod, Nick, and Cyngy, as the newest members of #teamBASYS! Are you ready to join our team?

  • Mastercard is taking that notion of biometrics, plastic cards and payments to a different level with the announcement of a next generation biometric card that combines EMV chip technology with a fingerprint reader on the front of the card to authenticate the identity of a cardholder at the point of sale.

  • Paying with a credit card today may mean dipping your card in the EMV reader, twiddling your thumbs, then yanking out the card when the machine beeps/dings/honks. Or maybe you still swipe your card through a magnetic-stripe reader. But soon you might be able to sidestep either inelegant process with your Capital One card.

  • We want to extend a #teamBASYS congratulations to Stacey, who was recently promoted to Senior Bidding Analyst! Click the picture above to meet Stacey.

  • Does your business process credit cards and/or debit cards through a website shopping cart? That type of transaction is referred to as “card not present," and contains the most risk for you as a business owner. To help minimize your risk for these transactions, here are 10 ways to stay SECURE when accepting credit cards online.

  • Just because there are over 1000 different rates, and numerous factors that impact the cost of accepting any given credit card, doesn’t mean you are helpless in reducing your costs. There are definitely best practices. Here are 4 ways to lower your rate when processing credit cards.

  • A Chargeback is a wicked little monster that pop it's head up every once in a while. Let BASYS help you, as the owner or manager of a business, to understand Chargebacks, and provide 6 tips to reduce your risk of credit card Chargebacks.

  • We want to extend a #teamBASYS congratulations to Hannah and Carolynne, who were both recently promoted to Relationship Manager!

  • Many companies are still unsure whether accepting business to business credit card payments is the right move. Here are the important things you need to consider.

  • Having a presence on social media is no longer a choice for banks - it’s a reality, plain and simple. Social Media in banking has become a must. Even if your bank isn’t actively tweeting, Facebooking, YouTubing, or otherwise posting on social media, rest assured that consumers are there talking about you. Get INVOLVED in that conversation.