What Reporting Should You Receive from Your Processing Partner?

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What Reporting Should You Receive from Your Processing Partner?

Your processing partner should be just that—a partner. That means providing you with the tools and support you need to grow your portfolio and provide world-class customer service.

To create impactful growth strategies for your bank, in-depth reporting is a must-have. Reporting from your partner can enrich the full scope of your bank’s merchant services program, from informing the sales process, to curbing PCI non-compliance. Here’s how:



To increase revenue, your bank needs to steadily generate new business. That means finding and cultivating new leads, but one opportunity hiding in plain sight is this: your existing customers. Customers that already trust you with their banking needs are promising leads, ripe for additional product offerings. In fact, loyal customers are generally worth up to 10x as much as their first investment. Your processor can help you capitalize on loyal existing customers with an ACH Mining report.

ACH Mining: an ACH mining report pulls deposit data for all your accounts and cross-references it with a comprehensive list of processors in the industry. Your processing partner will work with you to compile this report to determine which bank customers are actively processing with another provider. From there, you can sort the list by profitability, targeting the highest value prospects first.

If an ACH mining report isn’t something your processor has offered to help you with, it’s likely that you’re missing out on some of the warmest leads you can get—customers that already use your other services.



For agent and sales banks, building and maintaining a successful merchant services program relies on providing top-notch service. Is your processor giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about servicing your portfolio? Here, you’ll primarily want data on one aspect of your portfolio: retention. A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profitability by 25%, and it costs 5x more to acquire new customers than to keep existing ones. It’s paramount that your processing provider makes the following information readily accessible so that, together, you can assess the pulse of your portfolio and make sure your merchants are taken care of.

Portfolio Portal: Access to an overview of your entire portfolio—including number of support calls and closed accounts—will help you gauge the health of your program at a glance. Ideally, you’ll be able to access more detailed information, such as call notes, profitability, equipment info, and account status from this portal. This allows you to easily evaluate the service needs of your portfolio and act accordingly.

Chargeback Notifications: For merchants, chargebacks are at least an inconvenience, and at most a threat to the livelihood of their business. Your processor should monitor and compile incoming disputes, make that information available to your bank, and—depending on the type of partner program your bank has—notify merchants of chargebacks.

PCI Non-Compliance Reporting: PCI compliance is an annual affair, and that makes it a fantastic opportunity to touch base with customers while providing a helpful service. Your processor should be helping your merchants with compliance, but what happens to merchants that, even after repeated attempts, still aren’t compliant? This is where non-compliance reports come in. These reports will show you which merchants within your portfolio are non-compliant and what attempts have been made to contact them thus far. You know your merchants best, so this is an opportunity to check in with them to make sure they’re still happy with your program, and maybe save them a little money (in the form on non-compliance fees) in the process.

Merchant-Level Reporting: For banks actively involved in servicing their merchats, your processor should be able to provide individualized reporting for every merchant in your portfolio. Access to transactions, batches, statements, etc. is invaluable when working one-on-one with merchants to troubleshoot issues or explain a complex concepts (such as effective rates).



To increase revenue, partner with your processor to create a growth culture at your bank. Bringing in new customers while strengthening existing business relationships is key to a lucrative and mutually beneficial partnership. Your processing partner should offer sales support and marketing materials, but they should also provide reporting and information to improve your sales efforts.

Referral Conversion Tracking: Tracking referral conversions is a useful way to assess how successful your sales techniques are. This reporting is simple. How many referrals did you submit? Now, how many of those referrals were fully converted to active accounts? If conversion rates are low, you’ll want to work with your processor to determine why. Were the majority of submitted referrals qualified leads? Were referrals contacted quickly? This data is especially useful for referral banks that aren’t as involved in the service side of their portfolio.

New Account/New Deposit Reporting: This report shows how many approved accounts within your portfolio have had a first deposit. You’d be surprised how many merchants open an account, then don’t cancel their old merchant account and just continue using that. This information should be used to work with your processor in an effort to reduce the amount of time between account approval and first deposit, so that you can begin receiving your agreed-upon revenue share.

Loss Account Reporting: Sometimes, even accounts that are open and processing can cost more money than they’re generating. In this scenario, the merchant is usually processing below the average volume listed on their application. For agent and sales banks, it’s up to the bank to decide what action to take on a loss account, but your processor should be providing a list of the merchants that are costing your bank money and offer suggestions on how to mitigate those losses.


Final Thoughts

Banking is a competitive business. Your processing partner should help you remain competitive by equipping your branch staff and bank leadership with the knowledge necessary to craft growth strategies and consistently exceed customer expectations.

Your processor shouldn’t leave you in the dark, and they shouldn’t just send you vast amounts of data without context. A true partner will provide relevant reporting, then help you interpret it and chart a path forward.

BASYS Processing as a business partner

If your processor isn’t delivering top-notch customer service and strategies to help grow your program, please call BASYS Processing at (800) 386-0711.  Let’s talk about creating a true business partnership that will help you meet and exceed your goals.

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–  Proactive contact with every merchant to walk through the annual PCI process
–  In-house PCI Team to assist with questions and concerns
–  Founded by a family who previously owned a bank
–  Track record of successful bank partnerships
–  Thorough Market Analysis followed by mutual plans and goals to grow your portfolio
– High-quality service mentality, similar to your bank
–  Vested interest in protecting your bank’s hard-earned reputation
–  In-depth initial bank training
–  On-going bank training via weekly call and boot-camp programs
–  Open line of communication between BASYS, you, and your customers
–  Quick response time for your questions and concerns; you are a priority


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